NO on SB 9 • Destroys • Dismantles • Decreases

Senate Bill 9 destroys neighborhoods, displaces families and decreases affordability. It lets developers build 6 units of dense housing where 1 home now sits — not one of them affordable. Speculators will bid against and displace families, especially in well-located diverse neighborhoods. In a sweeping attack on the environment, SB 9 lets developers destroy all yards and bulldoze all trees, encouraging dense construction even in severe fire zones.

SB 9 WILL END CALIFORNIA LIVING AS WE KNOW IT, replacing single-family homes with dense developments with no garages and no yards.  

Incredibly – at a time when we need Sacramento to fund more affordable housing – the Legislature wants YOU to give up your neighborhood and your dream of home ownership for more LUXURY housing. 


SB 9 is a war on the working class, on black and brown communities, and the dream of home ownership.  

  • SB 9 will allow construction of 6 dense units to replace 1 single-family home
  • Homeowners can’t finance the development allowed under SB 9. Instead, speculators will bid against and displace families, especially in diverse neighborhoods – the places where land is most affordable. 
  • The result will be less affordable housing but more luxury units – the OPPOSITE of what we need. SB 9 will transform homeowner areas to corporate-owned rentals. 
  • Cities will have no choice but to approve the lot splits and construction of mega-units on the lots originally planned, developed, and purchased by homeowners for families. 


SB 9 is a sweeping attack on the environment

  • California ranks 49th of the 50 states in the average amount of yard space for single-family homes. 
  • SB 9 would replace precious green space – trees, play areas, and permeable surfaces – with denser building and more concrete. The result will be hotter, drier, less livable neighborhoods. 
  • Unique areas – including severe fire zones – will be sacrificed to dense development. 
  • SB 9 overrides the needs of people and the planet.
  • No garages and no parking will be required if the lot is ½ mile from a bus stop, even though being able to drive to work EXPANDS job opportunities. 
  • Parking, roads, water, and sewers will be overburdened. Developers will profit, but we will all pay the bill.


SB 9 decreases affordability, decreases ownership opportunities, and increases corporate-owned rentals.

  • SB 9 turns California’s 7 million homes into Wall Street assets, inviting corporate rental giants and investor funds to outbid families to build high-profit luxury projects – 6 dense units without yards or garages where 1 home stands today. 
  • Displacement will happen first where land is most affordable – often communities of color
  • Wall Street investors are already buying up homes, taking them off the market for homeowners. SB 9 gives them a new tool to accelerate that control. 
  • SB 9 will pit those seeking the dream of home ownership against developers and Wall Street money. 

SB 9 is a war on the working class – a war on homeownership in black and brown communities. It will re-shape California, INCREASING rental housing, INCREASING luxury housing, and DECREASING the supply of affordable family homes. 

No more cherished neighborhoods 
No more single-family homes
No more trees and green space
No more opportunities for families
to build inter-generational wealth 


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